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Graham Corporations Stellar First Quarter of 2024
August 08, 2023

Graham Corporation (NYSE: GHM), a frontrunner in designing and producing essential technologies for various industries, including plastics, has unveiled its impressive financial results for Q1 of fiscal 2024. The company's revenue reached a record $47.6 million, marking a 32% surge, primarily fueled by a 133% growth in the defense market. This growth was complemented by a 440 basis point rise in gross margin, reaching 23.1%, attributed to a blend of high-margin projects, improved pricing, and enhanced execution.

The company's net income witnessed a significant leap, touching $2.6 million, translating to a more than 300% increase in earnings per diluted share from the previous year, settling at $0.25. This financial growth was further bolstered by orders amounting to $67.9 million during the quarter, a $27.6 million increase year-over-year. This includes a notable $22 million from strategic investments and subsequent orders from a major defense client.

Daniel J. Thoren, the President and CEO, expressed his satisfaction with the company's performance, emphasizing the strengthened ties with defense clients and the company's strategic positioning to cater to the emerging energy markets with cryogenic solutions. He highlighted the company's role as a pivotal supplier for the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program.

In a separate announcement, Graham Corporation revealed a $13.5 million strategic investment from a customer, aiming to augment production capabilities at its Batavia, New York facility. This investment is anticipated to pave the way for future multi-year orders, with potential revenue kickstarting in 2026.

In summary, Graham Corporation's Q1 2024 performance showcases its robust growth trajectory, underpinned by strategic investments, strong defense market performance, and a commitment to innovation and quality. The company's forward-looking approach, coupled with its dedication to meeting industry demands, positions it as a key player in the defense, space, energy, and petrochemical process sectors.

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