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ExxonMobil Launches New Easier to Process Polyethylene Product Line
April 06, 2022

Global resin major ExxonMobil launched its new Exceed S Performance Polyethylene (PE) line this week, designed to deliver a stiffer and tougher product that is easier to process. The company said this new Exceed PE platform will also provide opportunities to reduce the complexity of film formulations and designs while improving film performance, conversion efficiency, and packaging durability versus current market references.

ExxonMobil added that its new PE line is ideal for films used in food, industrial and agricultural applications, recycling sustainability solutions, and can help unlock file and package production efficiencies.

"Exceed S performance PE resins deliver simplicity without compromise," said Tom Miller, Exceed S Marketing
ExxonMobil's first three commercially available grades of Exceed S resins are designed to ensure low melt pressure and high output on blown film lines, which allow the creation of a broad range of packaging and film applications such as increased puncture, impact and tear resistance for heavy duty sacks used in industry and agriculture. Other applications include extra toughness for non-laminated coextruded films used in primary packaging.

"The innovation opportunities that Exceed S performance polyethylene offers have already resulted in successful collaborations with more than 75 customers globally working on more than 100 different applications," said ExxonMobil's Vice President of Polyethylene David Hergenrether. "We look forward to collaborating with our customers on new opportunities to advance their products."

By Brian Balboa for The Plastics Exchange.

(Image: ExxonMobil Commercially Available Exceed S Grades)

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