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PureCycle to Open Polypropylene Recycling Prep Facility in Florida
October 06, 2021

Polypropylene (PP) recycling company PureCycle Technologies announced its plastic recycling prep facility will open in Winter Garden, Florida, which will sort and process PP plastic (designated as no. 5 plastic) and is expected to increase the amount of plastic that is recycled in the area.

The PP company did not provide a timeline for the plastics prep facility but said it was part of its community-focused plan of action to increase the amount of plastic that gets recycled curbside and help stop plastic waste from ending up in waterways, landfills, and the environment.

No. 5 plastic is used in many applications, including food and general use containers, toys, automotive, building and construction, and agriculture. The Winter Garden recycling unit will sort and grid No.5 plastic to be transformed PureCycle's Ultra-Pure Recycled Polypropylene (UPRP) at its purification site under construction in Ironton, Ohio, and its future facility in Augusta, Georgia, which will begin construction in early 2022. The Winter Garden recycling prep facility will also process other plastics that can be sold directly to third-party processors.

By adding a plastic waste prep facility for no. 5 plastic waste in Florida, the company said it can help increase the volume of plastic waste that can ultimately be recycled. PureCycle added that by creating recycling prep facilities across the US it can identify and secure regional PP plastic waste needed as feedstock to create UPRP.

"Less than 1% of polypropylene is recycled worldwide," said PureCycle CEO Mike Otworth. "Our expectation is that PureCycle's prep facility will help bolster efforts to recycle more plastic waste in the region. Having facilities that open up a door for the recycling of discarded plastic material will help us tackle the plastic waste crisis."

By Brian Balboa for The Plastics Exchange.

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