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Acme HardestyMajor marketer and distributor of a wide variety of vegetable oil- and animal fat-based oleochemicals, flavor and fragrance chemicals and other industrial chemical products.More
AddMaster Ltd.AddMaster develops innovative masterbatches and technical compounds for the polymer industry.More
Ampacet WorldwideSupplies color and additive masterbatches.More
AsacleanPurging Compound.More
Axel Plastics Research Laboratories, Inc.Thermoplastics, composites, laminates, pultrusion, rotomolding, rubber and elastomers, polyurethanes.More
Bamberko & Ultimax Purging CompoundsPurging Compounds.More
Bpi Technology,SingaporeNanoMouldRelease, a nano technology self applied coating thats eliminates the use of mold release agents up 100,000 cycles per application. Reduces cycle time, improves productivity, reduces parts reject and save huge expenditure on mold release agents. For more information, visit us at More
Calsak CorporationSources the world for the highest quality polymers available for distribution from our network of sales/distribution centers.More
Camie-Campbell, Inc.Manufactures and packages spray adhesives, silicone lubricants, and cleaners, degreasers.More
Color Master IncorporatedProvides color concentrates.More
Dicronite Dry LubeResins processor.More
Dyna-PurgePurging compounds for injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, hot runners, etc.More
Elm Grove Industries, Inc.Manufactures and sells a line of high performance water-based adhesives and extrusion primers for various flexible laminations.More
Engineering Chemicals B.V.Producer and marketer of specialty compounds and additives for the thermoplastics processing industry.More
EPI GlobalManufactures proprietary plastic compounds, degradable and biodegradable plastics additives for agents, distributors, licensees and end-users, with primary focus on developing and marketing its range of TDPA environmentally-friendly products.More
General Magnaplate CorporationExperts in the science of surface enhancement for metals and other substrates.More
Harvest Polymers Ltd.UKs only dedicated distributor of Thermoplastic Elastomers.More
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IMS CompanyEquipment, supplies and technology for the plastic processing industry.More
Interlink-18Trading company dedicated to the import, export and distribution of raw material as well of finished products for the Plastics, Rubber, Chemical, Energy, Communications and Food industries.More
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LarSan Chemical CompanyDiversified Distributor of Plastic Engineering Resins, Purging Compounds & Chemical Additives for Compounding.More
London Computer SupportWavex is a London based award winning IT Services Company offering well managed IT services to its clients. It support small and medium-sized businesses throughout the UK and internationally. Contact with IT services professionals today! More
Luke LonerganLuke Lonergan is a Marketing Professional who belong to San Carlos,Chile. He has finished graduation from Stanford University. Currently He worked in a Private Firm. More
Molders Choice, Inc.Distributes products for the plastics industry which provide excellent value to our customers worldwide.More
Moulds Plus InternationalUltra purging compound supplier.More
Negotiation E-LearningProcurement Business Skills mission is to provide Life Skills for Business and Business Skills for Life through a range of Procurement training tools. More
Northern SupplyPractices on the simple idea of providing customers with only the highest quality products and services at reasonable prices.More
NovachemPurging Compounds for injection molders, extruders and blow molders of thermoplastic materials.More
Overnite Supply LLCDistributor of Maintenance, Repair and Operating goods consumed by the plastic industry.More
Plastic Services & EquipmentManufacturer of Parts, Accessories, and Services for the Plastic Molding Industry.More
Plastixs, LLC.Great selection of plastic processing products and supplies.More
Price-Driscoll Corp.Investment Casting Releases are specifically formulated for the investment casting and lost wax casting industries.More
Purge USAOffers non-toxic and nonflammable plastic purge compound.More
RapidPurgeKeeps your plastics machinery operating efficiently and effectively, and solves processing problems caused by carbon specks and color streaks.More
RBM Polymers, Inc.Guaranteed Success with XPD8® High Performace Plastic Purging Compounds.More
ResinexPlastic, rubber and chemical raw materials distribution company.More
Slide ProductsAerosol solutions.More
Specialty Products CompanyLeading edge of release agent technology for more than 50 years.More
Technick ProductsDevelops additives for the plastics and rubber industry.More
Terinex International Ltd.Can be considered in the broadest sense, a raw material supplier; in some cases acting as a sales agent, in others as a distributor.More
Terra Group InternationalRecycling and plastic manufactoring.More
Ultra PurgeWith production facilities in Italy, USA and Mexico, Moulds Plus International currently services the European, North American, South American, African and Asian markets. Since 1998, Moulds Plus International has manufactured and produced Ultra Purge purging compound. In 2004, Moulds Plus International incorporated in the U.S. and opened a new production facility to better service the North and South American plastics market. Our plastics engineers, operating from our onsite laboratories, are dedicated to continuous research/product development and the manufacturing of high-quality Ultra Purge products. We constantly test and refine the Ultra Purge cleaning compound. In partnership with major plastic resin, colorant, and machinery producers around the world, we strive to provide effective purging compounds to meet our client’s unique needs. Our mission is to be the leading supplier of the most easy-to-use, effective and eco-friendly purging compound in the plastics industry. At Moulds Plus, we strongly believe in building close, lasting relationships with our clients because our reputation is built on providing quality products, impeccable customer service and competitive pricing.More
Verco Properties LLCWelcome to Verco Properties! With over 60 years of experience spanning 4 generations, we are experts in the New York real estate market with a particular focus on the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of historic properties. To get more details visit website. More
VitroTech CorporationMaterials technology and research company, headquartered in Santa Ana, California, with rights to over 35 billion pounds of rare amorphous aluminosilicate deposits.More
Zip-Chem ProductsProvides production oriented custom formulation and environmental solutions with lubricants, cleaners and corrosion inhibitors.More
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