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June PGP Settles... (06/28/2022)
AmSty Seeks Another Polystyrene Increase for July Amid Recent Supply Drop, Higher Feedstock Costs (06/27/2022)
A Second Polyethylene Producer Reduces Its June Increase, Proposes a July Increase (06/17/2022)
LyondellBasell Reduces June Polyethylene Price Increase (06/13/2022)
May PGP Settles... (05/26/2022)
Above Average Hurricane Season Expected, Putting US Resin Production at Risk (05/25/2022)
Phillips 66 to Stay on Polypropylene FM Amid Ongoing Maintenance and Repairs (05/20/2022)
Houston Sees Record High Import/Exports for Containers in April (05/19/2022)
LyondellBasell issues new June Polypropylene Price Increase (05/13/2022)
LyondellBasell Lifts Force Majeure and Defers Price Hikes on Resin by One Month (05/10/2022)
ExxonMobil Allocates its Polypropylene Resins (05/04/2022)
AmSty Places Polystyrene on Allocation Following Production Issue (05/04/2022)
Polyethylene sales were well above average this past week, a dramatic reversal of the lackluster activity that has been seen over the past month or two. The surge in trade flow came as producers were more willing to deeply discount material, some prime, but particularly offgrade, to help clear out some of the inventory overhang, which had grown considerably according to recent industry data for May. Key commodity grades HDPE for Blow Mold and LDP... [More]
Polypropylene activity was the busiest we have seen in our marketplace in about 2 months, this considers both the heavy flow off offers and high volume of completed transactions. Prices continued their downtrend and buyers that had been waiting on the sidelines came back to scoop up these better railcar deals. We have also seen a serious run on our packaged PP truckload inventory, primarily for processors that waited too long to buy or otherwise ... [More]
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