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Freezing Temperatures and Production Issues in the US Gulf triggers a Force Majeure and Lifts PGP Monomer, PP, and PE Resin Prices (01/19/2024)
Propylene Prices Continue to Climb Higher (11/09/2023)
Spot Propylene Prices Continue to Run Higher (10/20/2023)
Baystar Starts its New Polyethylene Plant in Pasadena, TX Utilizing its Borstar Technology (10/03/2023)
Braskem Halts Production at Marcus Hook Amid Industry Shifts (09/27/2023)
ExxonMobils $2 Billion Baytown Expansion (09/20/2023)
Two Fresh Force Majeure Declarations Amid Feedstock Woes (09/14/2023)
LyondellBasell to Close Oldest PP Unit Amid Market Challenges (09/11/2023)
PGP Monomer Market Faces Upward Pressure as Key Facilities Go Offline (09/07/2023)
DuPont Sells a Majority Stake in its Delrin Acetal Business, Continuing its Long History of Divestitures (08/25/2023)
M. Holland Co. Sells Majority Interest to Ravago Group (08/23/2023)
Delayed Recovery in Global PE & PP Markets (08/08/2023)
The Polyethylene market remained active, strong demand was met with better supplies and heavy dealings were done across all commodity PE grades. HDPE for blow mold and LDPE for film were the major movers during the week, though LLDPE for film and rotomolding also had a strong showing. Export demand was robust and in a rare occurrence, our offshore sales surpassed our domestic sales this week. Prime PE spot levels held steady after falling a penny... [More]
Polypropylene trading had a good showing with an even mix of business divvied between HoPP and CoPP resins. Our Prime PP pricing finally held flat after four consecutive weekly 2-cent drops which had peeled off $.08/lb since peaking in early March. There was still a bearish undertone as the market awaits a significant price decrease for April, which should break into double digits. Still, after an initial purge of reseller inventory in late March... [More]
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