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Pyrolysis Technology! The Key to Help Western Countries to Process Solid Waste after China’s Ban on "Foreign Garbage"
Apr 02, 2018 (AB Digital via COMTEX) --

In the beginning of this year, China has comprehensively implemented the prohibition of importing “foreign garbage”, more than 24 kinds of solid wastes including waste plastics that strongly accused by the people have been banned to import into China, almost all the western countries have been impacted thereby. These countries rely on exporting plastic garbage to China in a long term, and have weal solid waste processing chain. A lots of photos on which plastic garbage piles up like a mountain have been released from some western countries.


In the past years, China was the first largest solid waste importing country in the world; more than two thirds of waste plastics from the UK were imported to China. Although it can save raw material and positively promote the employment by processing and using waste plastic into industrial manufacturing, but its negative effects of environmental pollution are also very serious, which arose public criticism continuously, it has been imperative to make changes.

China plans to comprehensively stop importing “solid waste that can be replaced by domestic resources” prior to the end of the year 2019, which will further increase the western countries’ pressure of processing their own domestic garbage, such a trend has become irreversible. In fact, the western countries have been the industrialized countries, and have sufficient fund to promote and apply the advanced solid waste processing technology, and realize the recycling of solid waste.


Technically, through solid waste pyrolysis processing technology, the high-molecular polymer (scrap tire, waste plastics, oil sludge and biomass, etc.) can be converted to be high-quality and high value-added energy products which are easy to store and transport, convenient to use and own high energy density.

As the internationally leading enterprise in the pyrolysis industry, Niutech Environment Technology Corporation independently researched and developed the complete set of industrial continuous low-temperature pyrolysis technology and equipment, and won the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology in China, the annual processing capacity of the pyrolysis reactors can reach tens of thousands of tons, which greatly improves production capacity and processing efficiency. The pyrolysis equipment passed ISO certification and CE certificate, and the emission also comply with EU EEA and US EPA standards.

The equipment have been exported to Germany, Hungary, Brazil, Estonia, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Iraq, Taiwan and many other countries and regions, and have been put into stable commercialized operation in long term with outstanding economic benefit, environmental benefit and social benefit.


As the living standard of the human is improved increasingly, the amount of solid waste will certainly increase at a surprising speed, in order to process solid waste, the developed countries take the lead and the developing countries follow up to realize the maximum efficiency of processing and recycling solid waste.

In previous years, China imported a large number of “foreign garbage”, which alleviated such a significant problem in quite a long period. Now China publishes the prohibition, and all the human must face to this problem together. The developed countries shall not escape the problem and shall solve such problem together. The earth cannot become the garbage planet, and the human need to develop the recycling economy to the utmost extent. Today is the new start.

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