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Pretium Packaging designs PET container with an integrated handle
Aug 09, 2017 (MarketLine via COMTEX) -- Copyright (C) 2017 Datamonitor. All rights reserved

US-based plastic containers and closures manufacturer Pretium Packaging has designed polyethylene terephthalate (PET) container with an integrated handle using the technology of Texas-based Practically Impossible Labs.

The new 64-ounce, 38-400 mm finish SureHandle PET container provides shelf differentiation, handling convenience and aesthetics.SureHandle, with enhanced pouring control, has been designed to hold induction seal or foam liner and can withstand fill temperatures up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.The improved top load potential of the container can hold the stacking of five layers to a pallet, four pallets high, by using a shrink wrapped tray pack instead of a corrugated case.The cost of secondary packaging can be reduced by 80 percent and unloading at retail level is facilitated using a tray pack.The container is manufactured by integrating Practically Impossible Labs' preform technology and injection and blow molding manufacturing expertise of Pretium.Pretium president and CEO Paul Kayser said: "There have been a variety of attempts over the years to develop handled PET containers, but most have fallen short of the mark. This new technology creates all sorts of possibilities for productsincluding beverages, foods and household and industrial chemicalsthat could benefit from a monolayer container with an ergonomic handleware solution.""Pretium invested significant resources to be able to injection mold the preform and blowmold a bottle with an integral handle. We had to address unique challenges such as handle orientation, preform handling to protect the handles, special ovens for preform heating and blow mold cavity design, and still meet the substantially higher container durability and top load performance criteria.", Kayser added.Pretium has secured UV inhibitors and oxygen scavengers by collaborating with various vendors and suppliers.The SureHandle container is used for the packaging of cold-pressed juices, ready-to-drink teas, sport drinks, nutritional supplements, edible oils, dressings, sauces, marinades, liquid cleaners and detergents.Image: Pretium Packaging designs PET container with an integrated handle. Photo: Courtesy of Pretium Packaging.

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